Discover What Remedial Massage Can Do For You

Remedial massages are designed to aid in the recovery of injured, fatigued, or stressed-out muscles. It can be done by any health care professional who is qualified in that field. You don’t need to have specialized training to do it. Remedial massages are designed to provide pain relief for people of all ages. The most common injuries treated with this modality are tennis elbow, shoulder pain, migraines, whiplash, back pain, muscle spasms, shingles, and more. There are many benefits of this type of therapy.

remedial massage

It can give targeted treatment. When a remedial massage is performed on a person, it is usually done for an appropriate purpose. For example, it can be used when you have pulled a muscle, have sore or strained joints, or when you have an acute injury that restricts movement. In these cases, the therapists focus on a very small area. They will use a light touch and gentle manipulation to get the blood circulating, to relax tense or aching muscles, and to stimulate the nervous system. They might also recommend stretching exercises to help you to increase mobility and to make the most of any injury.

It relieves pain. I remember when I had tennis elbow. I remember standing on the sidelines and the young tennis player was taking my elbow for the second time. I can vividly recall how the masseuse started in a deep massage that felt like someone was pinching my arm. I’m sure I cried because it really felt bad, but then he stopped and asked if I liked the sensation of pressure.

What Sports Medicine Expert Say

It improves athletic performance. Sports medicine experts often recommend remedial massage techniques including trigger point therapy to athletes. Sportspeople use these techniques to reduce injuries. The techniques include gentle stretching of tight muscles as well as deep tissue massage of muscles and joints.

It reduces inflammation. One of the best things about a remedial massage is that it can relieve many of the symptoms of inflammation. Inflammation is often accompanied by pain. Trigger point therapy involves a deep tissue massage of the joints and soft tissues. The therapist will apply steady pressure until the pain is relieved.

It improves posture. People who sit for long periods of time, do yoga, and spend lots of time on their feet may benefit from remedial massage therapists. The practice helps them to strengthen their core muscles that support their spine, back, and buttocks.

It improves your posture. Studies have shown that remedial massage therapists can help improve your posture by giving you the proper massage. A treatment plan can be developed to make your treatment effective to improve your pain and improve your posture.

Trigger Point Therapy

It improves your ligament and tendon health. Trigger point therapy involves using very fine needles on the joint and the surrounding areas in order to break up fibrillar debris (fibrin) and increase blood flow. A good example of a compound ligament is the hamstring muscle, which is strengthened by this type of massage can provide a lot of relief for those who suffer from a form of lower back pain called sciatica.

It improves your blood circulation. This can have a profound effect on the way your cells work. The circulation of your blood increases and you will get a better feel of how it feels to have less pain because your vessels are smaller. People who have taken remedial massage therapy have found that their symptoms of insomnia were reduced or eliminated when they practiced this therapy regularly.

It can also provide health fund rebates. Some insurance companies offer health fund rebates if you get trained by a certified therapist in this type of therapy. People who have used this therapy for pain relief after accidents or injuries find that the pain does not come back once they resume daily living activities. Your health fund rebate will help offset the cost of the treatment.

Sport Massage

Sports massage is used by professional athletes. They may use remedial massage therapists to recover from injuries, but they also do it as a part of their training for games. The techniques used during sports massage are very different from the techniques used in remedial massage. The athletes use more pressure point therapy to enhance the recovery process faster.