How Often Do I Need a Tree Inspection?

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How Often Do I Need a Tree Inspection?

A tree’s health is an important consideration. A healthy tree improves air quality, regulates temperature, and provides habitat for many animals. It also creates a calming, peaceful atmosphere. An arborist can diagnose problems in trees and help keep your property safe. Read on for more information. When Should I Have a Professional Tree Inspection? and What Do I Need to Know About Keeping My Property Safe

How Often Do I Need a Tree Inspection

If you have large branches, they should be inspected where they attach to the trunk. If there are too many branches from one point, you need to have them checked regularly. The failure of a single branch can cause many others to break. You should also check for cavities at branch junctions or the base of the trunk. If you see a cavity, have the tree inspected immediately. If you see any of these symptoms, it’s time for a professional tree inspection.

A tree inspection is like visiting the vet for your pet. You would only have a vet checkup if there were a problem with your pet. It’s the same with your trees. If one branch starts falling, the rest may follow. If you notice your tree’s condition deteriorating, it’s a sign it’s time to get it checked. A qualified inspector knows how to spot these symptoms and recommends further action.

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